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Software Solutions

Established in 2011, Kratin is one of the leading healthcare-focused technology solutions providers with presence in US and India. Our award-winning TruliaCare digital platform is one of the most comprehensive, AI-powered platforms for clinicians & consumers that enables real-time "Unified Care Experience" across the continuum

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The Achievers School

The Achievers School is a vanguard school in 21st century education offering CBSE curriculum coupled with world-class well-researched learning methodology, which adapts to the learning profile of your child. At Achievers, we encourage your child to learn concepts, its real life implementations and grow up making his own decisions.

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Mining Solutions

We are a team of technocrats with expertise various fileds (like Mining, Electrical, Geology, Surveying and others) and experience of Indian Mining Industry. We provides an integrated solutions to entire value chain of coal block development, right from planning, operations, management to dispatch systems.

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Kratin Wellness Clinic

Kratin Wellness Clinic is a whole new world of wellness experience, first of its kind in Central India, based on the approach which integrates CURE for the disease and CARE for the soul of the person, thus, sealing the gap between the diseases a doctor perceives and the suffering that the patient undergoes
Be healthy naturally.

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At Kratin Group, we are committed to provideproducts and services which bring positive change in the life of people and thereby create tangible value for all stakeholders.


Integrity: We stand behind our commitments

Team Work: Teams are much stronger than its parts.Good team is built only by Trust and respect and alignment of goals among the members. We always believe that our customers, employees, investors and vendors are all part of Kratin’s Family.

Innovate: We believe in building innovative culture where people always strive to be creative, think out of box for finding solutions to challenges at hand

Learn: Learn anytime, anywhere from anyone care: Werespect and care about growth and aspirations of all stakeholders.


Kratin’s EduShield Program

Quality education is the most important catalyst in child progression, which opens the door of enormous opportunities, growth and success in his/her life. As a parent, it is utmost important to ensure that under any circumstances, child is not deprived of quality education in his/her life.
We at Kratin, understand this and are committed towards continuity of child education, even in unforeseen circumstances of death of main earning member of the family (i.e. mother or father of the child). Of course, the loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience, but, if family is also left without sufficient money resulting in discontinuity or compromise in child education, then, it will result in a major setback in child’s growth and future prospects. ...
Kratin’s EduShiled Scholarship Program, ensures that even in unforeseen circumstances of death of main earning member of the family, the education for existing students of Kratin’s “The Achievers School” continues without any break. Under such circumstances, our existing student can continue his/her education without paying any fee as long as he/she is enrolled in the “The Achiever School”. This program supports the family in ensuring the right education for the child and provides full protection to child future by guiding them on the path of growth, success and making them the true Achievers of the life. We are committed to secure the future of the child.